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An amazing animal experience for 2 to 35 guests

  • Your guide will lead you on foot to four different areas of the Dairy.  Each type of animal here; mini-sheep and mini-donkeys, silly, rowdy gobbling turkeys, colorful tropical birds and of course, our friendly camels.
  • Guests are encouraged to feed and pet our flock of mini and "talk turkey" with our gobblers
  • The highlight of your tour; your visit with the camels will forever impact your understanding of them as a species and as individuals!  Learn about our breeding program,  they uniqueness of milking camels including the importance of the mother/calf bond, why you can only milk a camel for 90 seconds, and the relationship of the farmer, the mother and the calf.  Did you know that camel milk is the closest thing to human milk?  You will  learn why camel milk is so sought after for healthy consumption and what we do with our camel milk including our skin nourishing camel milk skincare products.

approx walking tour time: 45 minutes

A quick visit to our little camel country gift shop is a must where you can sample our camel milk lotion and shop for treats such as decedent camel milk chocolate, moisture-rich lip treatment and soaps and camel themed gifts.

approx shopping time: 15 minutes

PRICE: $100 for up to 10 guests, $8.00 each additional guest. Children 3 years of age and younger are always FREE. 


The view from the top of an eight foot, gently swaying camel is extraordinary!  Camel rides are hand-led, country-fair-style around a flat, safe track that takes the rider over to see our bull and his gal-pals.

The camel ride is for visitors from age 3 to 93 in good physical condition.  

 Small children can ride two or three at a time or with an adult.  

Weight limit on the ride is 200 pounds combined weight of the riders.

Getting on and off the camel is easy as we have a platform with steps for you to climb up and then mount the camel from above.

* adding camel rides will add approx 30 minutes to your visit time

PRICE: $150 set up fee (This is a ride minimum, not an extra fee... it is applied directly to your ride total)  
             The price is based on 15 riders at $10.00 per ride.... additional riders will be charged at $10.00 per ride.

The minimum price for camel rides are $150.
​Your minimum camel ride price will be applied to your riders based on a rate of $10 kids 15 through adults  / $5 kids 3 to 14   Once you reach $150 in riders, additional riders are priced at the above rates per-person.   

Kids 3 to age 14 ride two at a time.  Large kids and adults ride one at a time.  


Bring your own picnic lunch and enjoy extra time on the Dairy to eat, relax and make memories.   We have four picnic tables under big pine trees for you to spread out and take your time.

* adding the picnic area will add an additional 30 minutes to your visit time.  

PRICE: $50   Our keeper stays available to answer questions, help with additional shopping and to dispose of your trash once you are finished.


Celebrate your special occasion with our real live party animals... Great fun and educational for memorable kids birthday parties, family reunions and more.

  • Picnic area for 1 hour
  • Kids Game Area and our Mini-Sheep Tiny Town (feed our mini sheep and donkeys through the windows of their teeny tiny houses.)
  • Camel Rides for up to 20 guests

FEE: $275

Meet our wonderful camels and keepers plus so much more.  
Your guided tour is an experience that can be shared with up to 35 of YOUR friends. (larger groups can also be accomodated... please email us at contactus@cameldairy.com for details) Tours are private....no combined groups... so the experienced is tailored to your interests.

Meet camels, our hilarious racing turkeys, mini-sheep and donkeys and beautiful exotic birds.  

Learn the majestic language of camels and get close enough to cuddle with these gentle giants.  Each of our animals has their own unique story and our keeper is so excited to share it with you.