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Oasis Camel Dairy - RARE MILK


Here are a few fun things to do that aren't far away from the Oasis Camel Dairy!
 Be sure to check their hours!

Wine Tasting:
Edwards Vineyards & Cellars  AMAZING Petite Sirah!
Milagro Winery  Gorgeous facility and great whites!

Local  Attraction
Guy B. Woodward Museum  true back-country treasure... the real deal!
Ramona's Antique District.  Main Street Ramona between 2nd and 10th... lots of treasures!

Sweet Eats: (be sure to save room for camel milk chocolate sold in our camel country gift shop)

D'Carlos Steakhouse  one word... ECLAIRE!!!
Julian Pie Company
Nancy's favorite: Pumpkin/apple "don't ask... just eat it!"
Gil's favorite: Natural Apple "naturally sweet"
Dudley's Bakery

Gil & Nancy's favorite lunch spots in Ramona:

Kountry Kitchen exactly what you hope to find with a small diner in the country!

El Michoacan  Off the beaten path, not fancy, really funky (and historical) room and authentic, Mexican food from a long-time local Ramona family.  DON'T FILL UP ON CHIPS!  

Fine Dining:
Jeremy's on the Hill  All us locals are really proud of this farm-to-table favorite! 

By the way, we didn't even ask these places if they want to be listed.... and NOBODY is paying to be listed... we just really, really like and support these local businesses.



  • We are only open on days listed on our CALENDAR  PAGE.  
  • We do not offer camel milk tasting.   Our camel milk is for our Rare Milk Camel Milk Skin CARE 

  • We suggest you plan to be with us from start to finish!  Vising the Oasis Camel Dairy is less like visiting a farm stand and more like experiencing a play or structured excursion.                                                                           For Example  When visiting during an OPEN FARM DAY...  From 1:00 to 3:30... we share an adventure with you.  You can always come later if you just want to shop the store, pet a camel or take a camel ride but if you have never been here before, you really want to experience the whole enchilada... so to speak.

  • CAMEL RIDES are the "county fair" style rides... with a single camel carrying one to two riders (weight limit is 200 lbs) in a circular area.  On public tour days, each ride is approx 2 to 3 minutes.  
    We do offer longer rides for certain types of private tours and we will be offering desert trek rides in the coming months.

  • SMOKING: Cigarette butts are a hazard for our animals.  We do not allow smoking at the Camel Dairy except in designated smoking areas

  • Please leave your pet dogs comfortably at home.  Unfamiliar dogs stress our animals.  If you rely on the assistance of a canine, we are happy to explore other options to help you enjoy your visit.


SEE: Dates for our upcoming OPEN FARM TOURS and EVENTS

GET INFO: On arranging for a private tour of the Oasis Camel Dairy